About Me – St. Louis Writer and Content Strategist

I hate to be bored. And so does your audience. As a content strategist and writer, I work to reach people and connect them to organizations, products and ideas that make their lives better.

By sharing stories about brands, I inspire people and leave them wanting more. I love to find something interesting and follow it down a trail of learning and discovery. Organizations that understand how they enrich lives can give that feeling to their audience, too. Meanwhile, I measure activities against larger organizational goals. I call it bringing in the “big picture bacon.”

Online marketing is about more than increasing Facebook likes, though that can be a valid tactic. It’s about delving into the puzzle of human behavior and piecing together the clues about what motivates people, both online and away from the computer. Sometimes they’re not even fully aware of it. If you know where to look, your audience is telling you what they think and what they want, and maybe even offering ideas for new products and features.

I’ve never been afraid to push the envelope. My passion for innovation and ideation have taken me down some exciting roads. Like writing for Techli.

My core strengths are learner, futuristic, strategic, ideation and positivity. Don’t you want some of that in your company coffee?

I have experience in:

  • Branding, digital and social media strategy
  • Writing
  • Google Analytics (certified)
  • External relations
  • Educating stakeholders
  • Research
  • HTML, CSS & WordPress

I believe in:

  • Making people curious
  • Offering value
  • The power of technology
  • Sincerity
  • Understanding international trends and events
  • Customer service
  • Asking “What if?”

I’m NOT a good fit for:

  • The status quo
  • Surface-level insights
  • Isolated work environments