Why You Need Me

Coming from a copywriter, what I have to say may seem shocking:

It doesn’t matter how well written your content is.

It doesn’t matter how well written your content is, if it’s not written for conversion. It’s not enough for your copywriting to project a professional image, or spell out the services you offer. It’s not enough to list certifications, case studies or even client testimonials from big names.

Because in the end, you don’t want people to just read your words, you want them to respond. You want more inquiries, better qualified leads, increased website traffic or more meetings. I can help you get there. Just click here.

What Goes Into Good Copywriting 
It takes a lot careful thought, industry knowledge and strategy to get the most value out of your copywriting. “Industry knowledge” is just another way to say that you understand the daily life and motivations of your target audience and your copywriting proves it.

Without these elements, people pass over your content and miss the opportunity to partner with you. These brief encounters are the meetings that never materialize and the quote requests that never come. They’re the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The worst part is, you may never even know. Unless you have someone like me helping you, which you can get by clicking here.

How Average Copywriting Costs You
It’s possible your content is leaving money on the table if:

  • You spend a lot of words talking about your organization’s skills, people, products or services.
  • You think people will look for the “contact us” button or phone number if they need your help.
  • You have a blog, but you’re writing it for people, instead of writing for the action you want from them.
  • You know blog posts are good for website traffic, but you’re not sure how.

When your customers read your materials, they need to see how you can solve their problems as soon as possible. Then they need to know what to do to get this magical pain relief only you can provide.

Copywriting and the Big Picture
Before any of that can happen, they need to find your website and stick around long enough to learn why your work matters. To them. That means you need a copywriter who can look at the big trends guiding your industry, step inside the reality of your audience, do SEO research and optimization and create content that gets results.

Contact me today to learn how I can give you words that grow into results. Click here or email me directly at sharong@protonmail.com.