Business Card Copywriting – Ideas that Bring Results

One of the hidden opportunities for you to make a positive first impression is business card copywriting. When you hear the word “copywriting,” you might not think of business cards. But good copywriting can turn even the smallest interaction into a conversation starter. What does your business card say about you? Most are functional, but forgettable. It’s not enough to have a business card that contains your name, title and contact information. If you can use a typically disposable tool to demonstrate skill and spark interest, then you have something useful. Think about your next trade show. Are your business cards pulling their weight? Or they going to drag you and your contact info into permanent limbo with the other anonymous cards? Will they wake up the next day stuffed into a drawer never to see the light of day again? That’s where an idea-churning creative professional like me can step in.


A stack of copywriting business cards Sharon Gutowski made to look like playing cards.
A good business card has strong copywriting and invites people to pick one up.

When I went back to freelance copywriting, I knew I needed a card that would stand out. It’s not enough to list my contact information. I need you to want to work with me when you see it, even just a little bit. I need to offer you a little clue about why you’ll be glad you sent me an inquiry.

When it comes to copywriting and content, you need someone you can rely on. Someone who isn’t going to settle for just “good enough” when fighting for the attention and loyalty of your audience. You might need someone who is capable of doing some research to learn more about what your audience really wants (which might not be the same as what they say they want). And you want to work with someone who can keep up. You don’t have time to teach your writer every nuance, so you need someone who can learn quickly.

Copywriting isn’t only about words. It’s about coming up with ideas that breathe life into your marketing materials and engage your audience. Take a look at these cards. If you like what you see, contact me ( to learn how I can create a solution that will get your customers’ attention.

business card copywriting sample: poker-themed cards with definitions
Each business card includes a sample of copywriting.
Poker themed business cards for copywriter Sharon Gutowski
Copywriting is about combining ideas and execution. Business card copywriting is the ultimate challenge.


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