Copywriting FAQs: Everything You Need to Know (Plus a Little Extra)

How are you qualified? What’s your experience?
My copywriting career began when a friend recommended me for a communications job. I had two key superpowers: empathy and strategy.

Empathy means understanding what drives your audience–seeing the world through their eyes. This ensures that your copy resonates with your website visitors, as they nod their heads and reach for the “contact us” button.

I didn’t set out to work in strategy. However, I always “zoomed out” in my work and considered the bigger picture, reorienting my work for maximum impact. My bosses and clients continually told me how valuable they found this. It blends with my artistic, creative side, to give you solutions that pop.

My experience spans non-profit, B2B and B2C, internal communications, and instructional design.

I also am certified in Google Analytics, to help ensure my copy does its job for you.

Can you write copy so it matches our existing tone?
Yes, I can adapt my copywriting for a variety of tones. Every brand has a distinct voice, you need to speak from that familiar voice. Otherwise, people will sense that it doesn’t all quite add up.

I’ll work with you understand and master your tone, and then infuse it into your copy. No matter the tone, I’ll make sure it’s clear, compelling, and designed to drive results.

And, if you’re not sure what tone of voice will serve you best, I can make some recommendations, based on your brand and target audience. Depending on your needs, your project can include a communications-wide tweak.

What about writing for search engines?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is how sites like Google and Bing give people what they want. It’s part of my writing strategy–you don’t have to pay extra for it. In my opinion, if a digital writer wants to charge extra for basic SEO, keep looking. I see it as part of my job.

There are some very simple things we can do to optimize your website. I can help you with basic key word research or refer you to an SEO specialist, depending on your needs.

Some SEO tactics are bad writing. There’s a limit to the number of times I can responsibly use your key words. And while search engines reward content with a high readability score, it’s a flawed formula. Sometimes you need to have faith your audience will get it. I’ll do as much as I can on the SEO front, while still providing your readers a stellar experience.

What if I need to request edits before approving your work?
This is a normal and healthy part of any creative process. Your project will include one round of edits (I’d be happy to quote more than that). Part of my job is understanding your needs before work begins. This means we’ll all be on the same page from the start.

While your project will not include starting over from scratch, I’ll be in regular communication with you to ensure the scope of the project is clear. At the end of the day, I need clients who are over-the-moon happy with my work.

This sounds promising, but can we talk more before I commit?
Of course! I’d be happy to speak with you and get to know you, before you make any decisions. Good copywriting matters a lot, so you want to make sure you partner with someone who gets it. To officially get a spot on my calendar, I require a 40 percent deposit. Before that, any conversation we have is just that–a conversation.

My number is (314) 807-6366, or you can email me by clicking here.

I know our communications could be stronger, but I’m not sure how much work we need. Can you still help?
Absolutely. If you’re not sure where to start, let’s talk over the phone so I can learn more about your goals and needs. There are a ton of ways I can help you: reorganizing the flow of your website, editing copy, reworking content, SEO, and even brainstorming creative ways to get attention at trade shows. I can work with you to prioritize your projects to ensure you’ll get the best ROI.

Call me at (314) 807-6366 or click here.

What are your thoughts on B2B versus B2C copywriting?
The laws of good copywriting apply across audiences and industries. Having said that, there is often more pressure on a B2B audience. They still need an emotional connection, but they often want stronger proof of benefit and additional information before making a decision.

It’s also important to note that in most industries, the separation between B2B and B2C is becoming less clear. Consumers are informed and can get lots of information with a few taps on a smart phone.

What else can you do?
I can work with you on any challenge to get attention from your target audience. One of my favorite things to do is find curiosity-building approaches for industry trade shows. You only have a short moment to engage prospects and you need to make sure your presence stands out.

I can also look for ways to spice up your existing work. Whether you want business cards that generate a buzz, a more friendly tone on your website, or a vibrant new product name, I can help.

Sometimes, it might be smart to take a step back and consider the changes happening in your industry. What are your competitors saying? What trends are driving your customers’ perceptions? I can put together a strategy report as a standalone deliverable, or to guide the rest of our work together.

How much do you charge?
This depends on how much work you need. Good copywriting is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why I’ll only quote work after I fully understand the needs of the project. My flat-fee covers everything related to your work, including research, revisions, and all our communication.

To be clear, there are less expensive writers out there. My clients invest in my work so I can give them my full attention and completely unique results. And because I charge by the project, I won’t be nickel-and-diming or asking for more money if something takes a little longer than expected.

Please keep in mind that pricing is as much art as it is science or math. I can adjust the scope of our project to meet your budget, if that will help. As long as you see copywriting as a worthy investment, we can probably come to a win-win situation, because I want to tell your story. If you’re unsure, go ahead and contact me now so we can figure it out.

Do you outsource anything?
I do all the copywriting, research, and strategy. In addition to my own quality check, I hire outside editors and proofreaders, because one set of eyes won’t cut it. Depending on the needs of your project, I may need to partner with web developers or designers. I can work with your team, or connect you with trusted professionals from my own network.

What else should I know?
We all have business goals we need to achieve, but we’re also people with families, pets, and interests. All of our experiences shape the way we solve problems and communicate.

To help you get to know me, here are some of my passions: classical guitar, video games, the Simpsons, and my family (including an exchange student from Berlin).

I truly am equal parts thinker and feeler (and I have the varying Meyers Briggs results to prove it). Three cats and a dog keep me company as I work for my clients.

I have a lantern tattoo on my right arm to signify light, passion, wisdom, and shining a light on unknown paths.

When can we start?
As soon as possible. My calendar tends to fill quickly, so snap me up now. Once you do, I can’t work for your competitors.

Reach out today at (314) 807-6366 or click here.

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