Invasion of the Tater Tot Heads

Does anyone scan QR codes anymore? I’ve been disappointed too many times to bother. I still remember the first time I saw one. It was a few years ago. It called from the back of the Ketchup bottle on the table at the restaurant, daring me to check it out. What did this condiment company have that was so special that I needed to look at it right now? Turns out, nothing.

“It’s just their website!” Disappointment overwhelmed me. I had expected something awesome, a celebration of ketchup that would entertain me while I waited for my meal. In fact, I was hoping it would feature french fries. Whatever the surprise was, I expected it to promote their product and make me happy I scanned the QR code.

Cartoon french fries turn into people so easily. Imagine well-seasoned stick figures with tater tot heads dancing, racing or diving Olympic style into pools of ketchup. If this company had put any effort into rewarding people for scanning the QR code, restaurants across the country could be hosting the ketchup Olympics, growing category and brand loyalty and increasing consumption.

I shared this story with a mentor and she said, “That is an awesome idea, and one of the many reasons I think you need to work at an organization that will fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. A large corporation just wouldn’t go for an idea like that.”

What do you think? Was her advice sound? Can large companies support creativity? I think they can and do. This is a question of culture more than size. I agree that a culture that supports innovation would be a good fit, especially if I was given the opportunity to use my analytical thinking skills and work towards marketing objectives while creating content. But I do want to be somewhere I can reward QR code scanning or link clicking.

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