Safari Donut Catch

Use the right and left arrow keys to help Leon the lion catch his dinner. But watch out for falling rocks!

music by Nick Jaworski
background adapted from stock image

Designer Donuts and my Future in Content Strategy

If my blog hasn’t shined a big enough light on this (in case there is any doubt), I’m always looking for new things to learn. New software, trends, current events or illustration techniques – I want to learn it all! You can read more about my addiction to learning here. This love of learning is one trait that keeps me interested in digital marketing. It changes quickly, requiring me to be constantly engaged, like the Trusteer webinar I took about the darknet last month. With the way new titles pop up in the marketing world, I wonder which ones feed my learning addiction best. Instructional design? Content strategy? Copywriting?

The job search is an excellent time to learn. Aside from the self-awareness that comes with facing obstacles (you can read about that journey here and here), I have the luxury of investing time and energy in myself. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer a full-time job. But I am enjoying the plethora of free and inexpensive training available online, supplemented with many short-term assignments in social media, writing, and digital and content strategy.

At first glance, Harvard’s CS50 didn’t seem like the most obvious choice for continued education. I’m not a developer or a programmer and I’m not trying to be. More and more, I see myself in writing, content strategy or digital project management. But, as I read in the Idea Writers, the role of the writer has become even more dynamic as people consume content in new ways. I’ve also encountered other professionals who believe that learning more about technology can empower people from all backgrounds.

Maybe my perception of what programmers do is off, and I could fit that role with more technical skills. Maybe my writing and engagement skills would be an asset. Let’s not forget the best part – it’s called content strategy for a reason. Content may be king but strategy is queen. I picked my background music for this game very thoughtfully, aligning the project with my soft engagement objectives.

The first week of CS50 includes highly entertaining lectures and an introduction to Scratch, a free coding resource that uses visual puzzle pieces instead of a formal language. The Scratch interface supports my idea that coding overlaps with other areas of design. I look at this game and still see content strategy. That is one of the titles that would utilize my big-picture thinking and multi-media skills best.

I hope you enjoy Safari Donut Catch, a game inspired by the donuts:


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